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Lawn Sprinkler Walk Though and Adjustment

With the purchase of a new Rainbird sprinkler clock installation. 

When summer temperatures in Utah soar, having a well-tuned sprinkler system may be the difference between a lush green lawn and a dry brown wasteland. If your sprinkler system is not in great shape, it is time to call in the experts at All Utah Plumbing, Heating & Air. Our company has been installing and repairing sprinklers since 2011 in Utah, and our sprinkler repairs and upgrades are always done right the first time.

Sprinkler system problems in Utah usually follow a typical pattern. Pop-up heads break, internal valves get clogged, and controllers burn out. Our well-stocked service trucks allow us to quickly diagnose and repair broken sprinkler valves, wiring, pop-up heads, rotors, controllers, pipes, and sensors without needing to pick up parts. If you need a high-quality repair service that will have your sprinkler system running again, we are the best company to call.

Waiting to repair leaks and clogs in your sprinkler system can negatively impact your water bill. In addition, leaks may cause isolated flooding which can damage your lawn and property. The reliable service technicians at our company, All Utah Plumbing, Heating & Air, will ensure that your sprinklers are fully flushed and covering your lawn. Repairs for your home sprinkler system will also provide many benefits such as:

Lawn sprinkler head watering green grass

Saving Water

Our repair service will seal leaks so that only an optimal amount of water will be used. Some homeowners in Utah have us pair their sprinkler system with rain sensors and timers so their lawn is only watered at the right time and in the right amounts.

Greener Lawn

If you will be out of town, you will have peace of mind that your plants and lawn are still being irrigated without a problem. This reduces the chances of coming home to dried or dying grass.

When you turn off your sprinklers for winter in Utah, you probably use a stop and waste valve to shut off your sprinkler system from the main water line. The stop and waste will make sure no water enters your sprinkler system during the colder months, preventing damage. Above that stop and waste, you should have a backflow prevention device that is above ground. Your backflow prevention device is crucial to ensure that the water from the sprinkler system will never enter your drinking water. It has check valves so that water cannot go backward.

These devices are required in nearly all municipal codes for your health and safety. If you’re having problems with your stop and waste, or your backflow prevention device, you could be looking at costly repairs or even hazards to you and your family’s health. Don’t wait and don’t take that risk; let All Utah Plumbing, Heating & Air be your go-to company for backflow prevention repair.

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Don’t wait for your air conditioner to break down before you ask for help! Being without AC in the middle of a 100+ degree heatwave in places like Utah is a nightmare. Repair costs can skyrocket when the unit is damaged further. Regular maintenance and inspection can prevent costly air conditioner problems. A broken air conditioner can cause just as many, if not more, problems as guesswork home remedies. Your family will be left sweating in the heat and soon enough, your loved ones will be sick from heat exhaustion. If you have AC issues, please call All Utah Plumbing, Heating & Air at (801) 652-4755 and let the experts take a look. Our company provides repair services in Utah. Let our company take care of you.