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All Utah Plumbing, Heating & Air ensures that your winters are warm with the best furnace repairs and diagnostics in South Jordan.

Rocky Mountain Gas Association® certified our company to ensure safety for your family and home.

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White Glove Service | South Jordan

We have a White Glove guarantee that covers all of our services, including furnace repairs. We understand that your home is sacred, and we treat it accordingly.

Our technicians are extremely skilled in maintenance and repair and demonstrate professionalism and cleanliness. We do more than just the work on your unit. We are here to help you and your home.

White Glove Service:

  • We offer the best warranties on the market. With the goal of serving your home and you, our warranties are comprehensive to cover the unexpected.
  • Our minimum 2-year warranty covers 99% of our services, parts, and furnace repair work. You can find more information on our warranty page.
  • Appliances will break at one point or another in their lives, not always at the best times. We can provide emergency services in South Jordan, including furnace repair.
  • You can call us at any hour of the day, and we’ll be glad to help you. You can find more information on our 24-hour service page.
  • Once we have examined the heater, we will give you a quote for the service. We guarantee that all parts and labor are included in the estimate.
  • Our South Jordan technicians are all highly skilled and knowledgeable in repairs and maintenance. They arrive fully prepared with the necessary parts and experience to fix your heating.
  • Technicians are also paid hourly and not on a commission basis. This means that they don’t rush to complete the next job. They will take the necessary time to do good work.
  • We take every aspect of our work seriously. The technicians are not only qualified to repair furnaces, but they also adhere to high standards of conduct. Our technicians arrive on time and leave the job site clean so it seems like we were never there. We will bring professionalism and excellence to your home.

Are You Seeing Signs That Your Furnace is in Need of Repair?

It is important that you look out for signs that indicate a problem or issue. You can identify if your unit has a problem or a repair that needs to be addressed. Here are some things to keep an eye out for:

  • Having Trouble Starting the Furnace
    • This may seem obvious, but if your furnace doesn’t start or stay on, you might have a problem with the wiring or a faulty thermostat.
  • Lack Luster Heating
    • South Jordan residents may find their home cold, even when the furnace is on. You could have a leaky ductwork issue or a thermostat problem.
  • Furnace Has a Continuous Odor
    • When the unit is turned on for the first time in a while, it can smell like its fuel. Although, if the smell persists for a long time and does not go away, this might be an indication of an issue.
  • Poor Air Quality
    • Your furnace has a significant impact on the air quality in your home. A furnace repair may be necessary if you notice more dust or a rise in respiratory symptoms like coughing, sickness, or other breathing problems.
  • Pilot Light is a Different Color
    • A furnace light could also indicate that your furnace needs to be repaired. A healthy pilot flame will normally be blue in color. A yellow-colored light could indicate serious problems.

Why Choose All Utah Heating, Plumbing & Air for Furnace Repair

We are highly skilled and always available to repair any make or model. If additional issues are discovered while fixing your furnace, we will inform you before we proceed with any unanticipated work. You deserve a complete, honest estimate of your service. We offer affordable financing options to help you get the work you need.

Our White Glove Service ensures that you get the best HVAC repairs and maintenance in South Jordan.

How Does a Furnace Inspection & Repair Work?

  • Step 1: Call us to make an appointment. We’ll then send a technician to your South Jordan residence.
  • Step 2: Once they arrive, they will inspect your furnace to determine what is preventing your unit from functioning fully.
  • Step 3: The technician will then provide a repair estimate and the cost of any parts.
    • Once you have agreed on a price, the technician will fix your unit using parts from their fully stocked trucks.
  • Step 4: After the technician has demonstrated the repair work to your satisfaction, they will clean up the mess and leave your home as if we were never there.

All this while enjoying our White Glove Service & professional conduct.

Contact Us Today to Schedule Furnace Service

If you have any questions about our repair services, don’t hesitate to call us. We are available to help you 24 hours a day, as schedule allows, even via phone. Call us if you notice that your South Jordan residence is freezing and that your heating has stopped working. We can dispatch a technician at any hour of the day in an emergency.

We offer a variety of services to keep your home in good condition. We can help with all aspects of plumbing, heating, and air conditioning.

All Utah Plumbing, Heating & Air backs our White Glove Service because we aim to provide the best possible experience for you and your family in South Jordan, Utah.