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Drain Cleaning Salt Lake City, UT

Professional Drain Cleaning Services

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  • Color HD sewer camera inspection
  • Up to $150 off any repair
  • Up to $3,000 off a new Furnace & Air Conditioning combo

All Utah Plumbing, Heating & Air provides the best drain cleaning and diagnosis services around Salt Lake City.

Our company is certified by Rocky Mountain Power and Dominion Energy to ensure the safety of your home and family.

Call us at any hour of the day to speak with a drain cleaning expert in Salt Lake City.

White Glove Service | Drainage Cleaner Salt Lake City

Our White Glove Warranty covers all our drain cleaning, sewer line repair, and water main services. We respect your home and treat it with the highest degree of care.

Our Salt Lake City drain cleaning specialists have the highest level of expertise in main sewer line maintenance and repairs. They also possess the highest standards of professionalism and cleanliness. We are committed to providing exceptional drain cleaning services that will benefit you and your family.

Our White Glove Service Includes:

  • We offer the highest quality warranties. Our warranties are comprehensive and designed to protect your Salt Lake City house.
  • Our minimum 2-year warranty covers 99% of all of our services, including drain repair and parts. You can find out more information on our warranty page.
  • Drainage and sewer line problems can happen at any time. We offer emergency services, including drain cleaning in the Salt Lake City area.
  • We are here to help at any hour of the day. You can find more information on our 24-hour service page.
  • We will inspect the drain and sewer line and give you a price estimate for services. We guarantee that the price quoted includes all labor and parts needed in the drain cleaning and sewer repair.
  • Our Salt Lake City technicians have extensive training and knowledge in maintenance and repair. They have all the tools and experience necessary to fix sewer pipes and perform drain cleaning services.
  • We pay our workers by the hour, and not by commission. This means they aren’t in a hurry to do the drain repair and move on to the next job. They will take the necessary time to complete the work to your satisfaction.
  • All our technicians take every job seriously. All Utah Plumbing, Heating & Air technicians have the highest quality training and are professional at all times.
  • We will show up as scheduled and clean up afterward so that you won’t even notice that we were there. We are committed to providing the best drain cleaning service for your Salt Lake City residence.

Are You In Need Of Drain Cleaning In Salt Lake City?

You may notice signs that your sewer or drain is damaged or needs care. Professional drain cleaning may be necessary if you notice any of the following indicators in your home:

  • Water Drains Slowly
    • A clogged or slow-moving drain can seem like a small issue to a Salt Lake City homeowner. However, these issues can hint at even bigger problems.
    • The problems can be anything, including grease build-up, clogged pipes, mineral deposits, or even issues with your drainage system.
  • Frequent Clogs
    • If a drain clogs a lot, it can mean that there are deeper problems than just hair or particles. Even after removing some debris, if you experience recurring clogs, it might mean there is more blockage deeper in the system.
  • Strong Smell
    • If a sewer line or drain is backed up, it can create unpleasant odors in your home. These smells can be a sign of a major issue in your drains. It could be necessary to get a professional drain cleaning in order to resolve the issue.
  • Multiple Affected Drains
    • You may find that more than one tub, toilet, or sink can become clogged in your house. If that is the case, it can indicate that your main drain system needs cleaning and repair. These types of problems need professional attention in order to be resolved.
  • Flooding
    • This is a clear emergency for the plumbing of your home. This can be caused by sewage backup or severely clogged drains. This issue can sometimes lead to contaminated water in your home. An emergency repair is essential to prevent further damage to your house.

Why Should You Choose Us as Your Drain Cleaning Company?

We are available to repair any and all drains and main sewer line problems in Salt Lake City County. If we find additional problems while working in your home, we will notify you.

You deserve a complete, honest estimate on our services. There are many financing options available that will allow you to get the work you want, without worrying about its cost.

How Do Drain Cleaning Services In Salt Lake City Work?

Call us anytime to make an appointment. After that, we’ll send a technician out to your Salt Lake City address. Once they arrive, they will examine the concern to identify any issues that may be preventing your drain or main sewer line from functioning.

The technician will provide you with an estimate of the costs of parts and labor. After you have agreed on the price, the technician will repair it using the parts of the fully-stocked company car.

When you are happy with the work, they will clean up the mess and leave your Salt Lake City residence in the same condition as before they arrived.

You get this expert service while also enjoying our White Glove guarantee.

Call Us Today To Book Your Salt Lake City Drain Cleaning Services

We are available to assist with your drain cleaning and sewer needs. We can service your home at any time, day and night. Our technicians are here to help you 24/7. If your Salt Lake City house has any drain, sewer, or water main issues, we are the ones for the job. We can send an emergency technician to your home at all hours of the day.

Salt Lake City homeowners can also benefit from our many other services. Contact us today to discuss your heating, plumbing, and air conditioning needs.

All Utah Plumbing, Heating & Air are proud to offer the White Glove Service. We want your family to have the best experience possible. Get in touch with us today at 385-412-8010.