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5 crucial signs it’s time to call for AC repair

It’s quite tricky to know when your AC unit might need air conditioning repair in West Jordan, Utah. So to help you identify when the time may be, we have listed some of the symptoms that suggest your AC is due for repair. Even though immediate repairs will cost a fee, they should be considered an investment that will keep your household comfortable and your AC unit running for a long time.

So, before minor problems become expensive repairs, you should watch out for these tell-tale signs of AC damage.

1. Unusual sounds coming from the unit

Weird sounds coming from your AC unit are signs that you need to call a repair expert. Usually, air conditioning units will produce a low humming sound when turned on and off. However, if these sounds become too loud or gurgling, a component might have come off.

This issue won’t go away on its own. It may require a tune-up or immediate repairs to prevent the condition from worsening.

2. The AC unit emits a weird smell

Is there an awful smell emanating from your AC unit? It can be a sign that the insulation has burned and must be replaced right away. Letting this bad smell linger means more insulation will be burned, and the wires will be exposed.

Aside from that, the smell could be coming from mold that has accumulated inside the unit. This is a major concern that should be addressed right immediately.

3. It produces hot air

Another sign that AC repair services are needed is when the unit is producing hot air instead of cold air. There are two possible scenarios here: a refrigerant leak or a broken compressor.

Whatever the cause is, it’s important that you get your unit checked right away. Both of these issues can cause serious damage to your AC unit, which could be detrimental to your household.

4. Frequent cycling

Regardless of the weather, it’s quite normal for your AC unit to cycle several times a day. However, if your unit cycles too often, you have to get it checked ASAP.

Frequent cycling might be due to a faulty thermostat or serious problems that may require expensive repairs. If you let this condition linger for too long, you may need a new unit in the near future.

5. Excessive leaks

Is there excessive moisture near your unit? It could be a minor leak or a sign that something is blocking the condensation from dispersing away from the unit.

Excessive moisture may also point to a refrigerant leak, which will also affect the air temperature that the unit produces.

You must hire reliable air conditioner services to deal with the problem. That way, the leaks have a lower chance of recurring.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioning

If you want to avoid repetitive repairs, you must know how to maintain your AC unit. This starts the moment you do air conditioning repairs.

Always clean or replace filters and keep an eye on possible problems. The moment that the symptoms arise, you should call an AC expert to carry out the proper repairs.