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10 awesome improvements in air conditioning technology

The air conditioning industry is continuously adopting new technologies to minimize operation cost. These innovations provide safer, more cost-efficient, and sustainable cooling solutions for every home. Although some are still limited in production, it’s expected to be released in the market in the coming years.

Eco-friendly refrigerants

From the old R22 refrigerant, also called Freon, the latest HVAC innovation has a safer replacement called R410a. Unlike R22, this refrigerant has a lower impact on the environment. The EPA had warned about Freon’s negative effect on the Ozone layer. Freon is already being phased out from air conditioner services in Provo, UT.

Thermally driven air conditioning

An Australian company called Chromasun produces AC units that use a thermally driven air conditioning technology. It utilizes solar energy and supplements it with natural gas. This makes a cost-efficient and energy-efficient choice for new households. It’s yet to enter the U.S. HVAC market.

Sensor-enhanced ventilation

For this technology, Ecovents will be used as replacements for the traditional wall, ceiling, and floor vents. The Smart vents can be controlled using a smartphone app, which allows users to control their air conditioning even if they are not at home.

Smart Homes

Smart Homes are becoming more popular. The idea is that many portions of the house are outfitted with various electronic or technological devices. These interconnected systems let homeowners control their cooling, heating, security, lighting, and more all in a virtual button.

Variable speed fans

Unlike the old full blast fans, AC units are now equipped with variable speed fans that let you control the airflow based on the current temperature. This enables you to save money on energy bills. Also, this feature reduces the unnecessary load of the air conditioning unit. With that, you will need less of air conditioning repair and installation Provo, UT.

Fiberboard ducts

Fiberboard ducts are modern options where the ducts are lined with fiberglass that makes it easier to bend in tight spaces. It’s also quieter than traditional ducts.

Another development is called the duct wrap. It’s made of old denim which absorbs moisture and insulates the duct from contaminants. This reduces the need for AC repair services in Utah.

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats are connected to a smartphone app that lets the users control it at home or even outdoors. It’s ideal for those who keep forgetting to turn their AC off before going out on long vacations.

Some Smart thermostats can detect changes in humidity and carbon dioxide levels. It will automatically adjust the cooling level.

Geothermal heat pumps

Using a geothermal heat pump, a looped pipe underground will extract the heat from the earth and into your home. If you need cooling, it will perform the process in reverse. One of the benefits here is you get to enjoy unlimited hot water for free.

Motion-activated air conditioning

This system lets the AC unit kick in when someone enters the room. For this to work, aluminum rod sensors are placed on the ceiling. These rods are responsible for signaling the AC that it’s time to produce cold air.

Ice-powered air conditioning

A Californian company created an AC system called Ice Bear. Here, water will be frozen on a tank overnight, which will be used to produce cold air the next morning. This design can cool a building for six straight hours.