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Get Your Furnace Winter Ready

A man wearing yellow work gloves and holding a wrench to tighten a heating valve.

Be prepared for the winter season 

During the Winter months in Utah, the cost of replacing a furnace and ac can rise if you are not careful. Furnace and air conditioner units can both be in jeopardy of needing to be repaired or replaced. The average hvac replacement cost is 7,000 dollars but can range anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 dollars. Spending that kind of money during the holiday season is not ideal and can be avoided. You can take measures to ensure your hvac system is taken care of. 

Four things to do to take care of your hvac system 

During these cold months, your furnace can have issues like a breakdown in the system leading to your pipes leaking and not working properly. It is important to ensure your furnace is running correctly so it doesn’t lead to other problems in your house. 

Keeping the area around your AC unit, if it is outside, clear from snow building up

It’s important to keep the snow build-up away from your ac unit outside and away from the exhaust pipes because carbon monoxide builds up in your home when those get blocked. 

Don’t use a cover on your ac unit 

While it may seem helpful to cover your AC unit to keep the snow off it — it creates moisture and gets down in the coils causing your ac unit not to work overtime. 

Make sure to check and change the filter in your furnace as needed 

Replacing the air filter in your furnace is an easy solution. The filter’s purpose is to collect all the dust and debris from your hvac system, and when that gets full and can become less efficient. 

Don’t wait to call for help 

The winter months in Utah can be severe if problems arise that are too much to handle on your own – All Utah Plumbing is there to help. They offer repair, installation, and maintenance for furnaces and air conditioner units. They even have on-site assistance on their website to help book an appointment fast. Unfortunately, the cost of replacing a furnace and ac can get pricey, and waiting too long to address the issue can lead to you replacing your entire hvac system. 

A hand turning the dial of a thermostat.

Common issues furnaces can have in the winter 

You aren’t the only one who experiences problems with your furnace during the cold winter months. Sometimes these malfunctions are unavoidable, and sometimes they can be easy to fix, but sometimes they need extra help. Furnace repair in Utah is no issue when All Utah Plumbing is there for you. Avoid dealing with the cost of replacing a furnace and ac by being preventive and knowing when to get help because not having heat in the coldest months is not ideal. Read below to know some of the common issues a furnace can have. 

The pilot light is out 

When the pilot light goes out, there are usually two explanations: drafts or damaged sensors. A draft can be caused when the vent is not attached correctly, and damaged sensors or dirty sensors will need to be replaced or sometimes just cleaned very well. 

Dirty or old filter 

Having a dirty filter is one of the easiest fixes for your furnace. However, a dirty filter can create a chill in your house and is not good for your lungs. Not frequently changing your filter can also wear down your furnace over time. 

Thermostat is out 

Over time thermostats can wear down, or wires can become loose, and sometimes things need to be re-wired or troubleshot. As technology advances, better thermostats are better for energy efficiency and tend to be more durable than older models. 

Frozen pipes 

Frozen pipes are a more serious problem and can lead to your pipes bursting open and costing a lot of money. Leaving your water dripping during the day when you are gone or at night when you sleep can help prevent your pipes from being frozen. 

CO leaks 

First and foremost, it is important to have CO detectors in your house to detect any Carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is odorless, and it isn’t easy to know when you are at risk of poisoning. Any of these common issues not being properly fixed or replaced can lead to potential poisoning, which can be life-threatening.

Two men holding wrenches and working on a home furnace.

Need Maintenance? 

Utah’s winter season can be brutal, and ensuring your heat is working properly is one of the biggest priorities. All Utah Plumbing offers 24-hour repair services for furnaces, so if your furnace goes out in the middle of the night, you don’t have to wait around until morning. All Utah Plumbing performs thorough and accurate repairs that way, you worry about Holiday shopping and not staying warm.