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Common reasons your boiler may need repairs in cities like kamas

If you’re in Utah, you know that fall is fast approaching, meaning the snowy winter months will be here before we know it. Your boiler is a crucial component of your home. Here are some things to look out for that may indicate it’s time for repairs.

Common reasons your boiler may need repairs in Kamas

Boilers are some of the oldest technologies used to heat homes and buildings. Many buildings still use steam as the primary source of heating. It has proven to be a reliable way to keep temperatures up, even if the technology seems archaic.

Boilers use heated water – rather than air – to warm buildings. This system will typically use radiators or convectors to distribute heat to various areas in the structure. This system provides a few advantages over furnaces or central heating. Boilers do not need to circulate air to maintain temperatures. Instead of using a noisy fan or blower system, a boiler silently warms each room incrementally, almost without notice. A room will become warmer more gradually using hot water as opposed to abruptly introducing warm air.

These heating machines break down just like any other. Getting a plumber out to areas like Kamas can be expensive. Thankfully, a few common problems may easily be repaired by the owner or quickly repaired by a plumber with little cost.

Dripping or leaking

There could be a few causes of a dripping or leaking water heater. Boilers may use pressure valves or pump seals to ensure a consistent flow of water. Over time, valves and seals can wear out some of these components. Repairs, in this case, would involve having a professional in the Kamas region service the boiler or otherwise finding competent assistance to have these components replaced.

Leaks and drips could also be caused when the pressure has become too high. High pressure may damage the pressure seals keeping the water in the system. In this case, the issue may be fixed by decreasing internal pressure.

Extinguished pilot light

Home and business owners can repair an extinguished pilot light quickly by reigniting the light in a way advised by your boiler’s owner’s manual. Some maintenance will require the thermocouple, which assists in supplying gas to the boiler, to be replaced. There could be more to the issue than an extinguished light. If gas has been shut off at the source, or your boiler doesn’t use gas at all, a professional can help you repair and resolve other issues.

Frozen condensation pipe

A frozen condensation pipe allows evaporated water and other gasses to escape the boiler. If left frozen, backed-up pressure could cause leaks and other issues in your heating system. Repairing a frozen pipe is a simple fix that the owner can do without getting professional help to come all the way out to Kamas. All that is required is to pour hot (but not boiling) water directly on the frozen section of the condensation pipe. The owner can then fit insulation around the pipe to prevent further freezing.

If you’re located in Kamas, or other surrounding cities in Utah, call All Utah Plumbing, Heating, & Air for all of your home repair needs. Any of your home’s heating, cooling, or plumbing elements can be healed by an experienced All Utah technician. That’s our commitment to White Glove Service.