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Top 10 signs that your air ducts need to be cleaned

Many homeowners often forget to clean their air ducts. This can lead to a slew of problems, which can impact your family’s health. Instead of suffering from the consequences of dirty air ducts, you must know when to give them a good clean. The following are some of the signs that your air ducts are due for periodic cleaning and maintenance.

1. A musky odor

One of the guaranteed signs that your air duct is due for cleaning is a musky odor. If you notice that something smells off inside your home, it’s worth checking your air ducts. The accumulated dirt could be recirculating, which results in the bad odor.

2. Recurrent cases of cough and colds

Are you experiencing recurrent coughs and colds? Your air ducts may be blowing out allergens. Failure to clean your ducts will compromise your respiratory system. If you put off AC repair services in Utah, you may experience further irritation.

3. Poor airflow

Another sign you have to watch out for is poor airflow. If uneven airflow is registered in different rooms in your home, your air ducts may be blocked by accumulated dirt. Leaks and damaged air ducts will also cause poor airflow. It requires immediate repairs as well.

4. Too much dust in your home

The presence of excessive dust in your home is a tell-tale sign that your air ducts are already overflowing with dirt. A layer of dust on surfaces after vacuuming means that the dirt in your air ducts is recirculating.

5. Weird noises coming from the ducts

A whistling or grumbling noise is a sign that something is wrong in your air ducts. It could be due to a blockage or a loose part that requires air conditioning repair.

6. There’s a pest infestation

If you’re seeing insects and rodents coming out of your air ducts, you must seek immediate cleaning services. These pests can bring potential diseases to you and your family.

7. A sudden increase in your energy bill

A surge in your energy bill means your air ducts are compensating for extra work. It’s likely due to a blockage or excess dirt. You must enlist the help of a professional to have the air ducts checked.

8. Mold and mildew

You may need air conditioning repair and installation in Utah if there’s a buildup of mold and mildew in your air ducts. As you know, mold poses serious health threats to the occupants of a property.

9. Your room becomes uncomfortable

If you notice that your room is less comfortable due to poor air quality, the first thing you have to check is your air ducts. A thorough cleaning process will make a big difference in the indoor air quality of your home.

10. There is debris coming out of the ducts

Lastly, if there is debris coming out of the air ducts, you must call a professional duct cleaner right away. It’s a sign that too much dirt has accumulated or something is blocking proper airflow. Professional cleaning is necessary here to prevent spreading the dirt in your home and to ensure that your air ducts are in good condition.

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