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How to choose the right plumber

When you think of a plumber, you think of the movies: leaky faucet, comedic relief, sky-high prices. Of course, professional plumbers are nothing like that, and they handle so much more than leaky faucets. From sewers and water heaters to the water main itself, licensed Utah plumbers are well-trained to repair your home. Here are some tips on how to choose the right plumber for the job.

  1. It’s probably not you. Although DIY projects are very fun and can be useful, the complex habitat of your home’s pipes and water lines are not the place to experiment with repair solutions. More often than not, you will do more damage than good, and your bill will go up no matter what plumber you eventually call. And water heaters are even more specific than your house’s other plumbing. Heaters can be dangerous to fix and may require special tools. If your water heater goes out, don’t try to solve that one on your own. Call a plumber.
  2. Check for licensing. The state of Utah offers licensing and certification for plumbers serving residents, and even contract hires can have licensing and certification in their field. Companies like All Utah Plumbing make sure their employees are not only licensed and certified, but prepared for the job in a state where many water heaters and pipes need repair due to the harsh winters.
  3. Ask for a price up front. This is where the movies get it somewhat right. Many plumbers will try to charge more rather than agreeing to a flat rate because they know their customers are desperate for a fix, particularly if it’s something crucial like a water heater that needs repair. They will use that need to get more of your money. Find a plumbing service with open communication about their pricing. All Utah Plumbing will always be up front with you about expected service costs.
  4. Research experience. There are three levels of plumbing experience that vary state by state. Apprentice plumbers are starting out and under the tutelage of other tradesmen; Journeyman plumbers have completed at least four years of apprenticeship and are now on their own, practicing repair; Master plumbers have been granted the title by their state’s Contractor’s Board after a rigorous examination and several years of experience. 

Finding the right plumber for your home can be daunting, especially if you need help with something complex like heater repair. However, these tips will help you find your way through to the best fit. All Utah Plumbing is a licensed, certified plumbing company in your area that employs experienced plumbers under the watchful eye of Master Plumber John Holland, and charges competitive prices for water heater repair, sewage repair, and more. Call us today to find the best plumber for your home.