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How long does it take to repair a sewer line

How Long Does It Repair A Sewer Line Infographic

A professional can usually repair a sewer line in 1-2 days, however depending on the complexity of the project, specific materials required, and other factors like weather, it could take longer.

If you just need a spot repair on an existing pipe that is already dug up and easy to access, a professional can most likely repair or replace it the same day.

What’s The Average Time To Repair A Sewer Line? (Full Process)

1. Initial Inspection & Diagnosis

A professional uses a camera to inspect the sewer line, identify the issue, and determine the best repair method.

Time: 2-4 hours

2. Obtaining Permits
Before starting the work, the necessary permits must be obtained from the local community.

Time: This can vary widely depending on the availability. It could take anywhere from a day to a few weeks.

3. Preparation & Site Safety
Setting up safety barriers, rerouting traffic if necessary, and preparing the site for excavation or repair.

Time: 2-4 hours

4. Excavation (if required)
Digging up the damaged section of the sewer line. This step is not required for trenchless repair methods.

Time: 3-8 hours (can be longer for deeper or more challenging excavations)

5. Sewer Line Repair or Replacement
Depending on the damage, the sewer line might be repaired or entirely replaced.

Spot repair: 3-6 hours
Full replacement: 1-3 days (depending on the length of the line)

6. Backfill & Site Restoration
Description: Once the repair is complete, the excavated site is filled back in and restored to its original state.

Time: 4-8 hours

7. Final Inspection
A final inspection ensures that the repair was done correctly and there are no lingering issues.

Time: 1-2 hours

8. Cleanup
Removal of all equipment, barriers, and debris.

Time: 2-4 hours

Sewer lines and pipes can be very expensive to repair. They carry the risk of causing extensive and risky property damage which can lead to serious health risks. Sewer line repair or patching is the first thing that is required to be done when a sewer line fails. And in case the sewer line can’t be repaired, a replacement may be the only other solution.

Time Taken To Repair A Sewer Line

Based on the scope of work, it could take hours or days to repair a sewer line. If the traditional sewer repair method is followed, which is digging, it could take hours or days to complete and patch your surface together. With trenchless technology, sewer repairs can be completed in less than a day.

Broken sewer pipes can be troublesome and would require fixing immediately. Sewer line damages can cause sewage to seep onto the property. It leaves a nasty smell around the area, also leaving behind the risk of contamination and illness. If you have leaky or clogged sewer pipes, it’s necessary to schedule a repair right away.

Timeline for Sewer Repair

The time taken to repair a sewer line can differ from property to property. There are a lot of factors that influence the timeline for the job, and it can be tough to give an estimate that is very close to being correct. These factors include:
• Size of pipes
• Location of the clog
• Need for video camera inspection
• Type of damage (tree roots, corrosion, etc)
• Length of broken, leaking, or clogged pipe
• Age of pipe
• Material of pipe
• Repair method: traditional or trenchless


Traditional Sewer Repair

When the traditional repair method is done, digging up the yard to access the pipes may take hours or even several days to fix the pipes, and additional days to fix the surface or lawn that was dug. With the trenchless repair method, it can be done in a day.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless sewer repair involves using a hydraulic machine to push a new pipe lining through the damaged pipe and seal it into place. For this procedure to work, a few holes will have to be drilled in your yard for access to the line, saving your yard. This means a lesser hassle, lesser digging area, lesser time to get your yard in order, and lesser time spent stressing over the process.

Blocked vs Broken Sewer Lines

A blocked or clogged sewer line will usually be easily detected when you notice slow draining over a long period. This problem can cause so many problems for the homeowner.

• The water level in a toilet would slowly lower on its own over some hours.
• Deposits of white scum would be noticeable around the basement drain.
• Bathtubs would take a very long time to drain.
• Consistent clogging of toilets and sinks.

A broken sewer line will result in standing pools of water, which are extremely odorous, in your basement or yard. Patches of lush grass growth above the line may be another signal you need your sewers repaired. If the sewer line runs under a driveway, asphalt damage could appear due to the soggy soil underneath.

FAQ: Time Taken for Sewer Line Repairs

Q: How does weather impact repair times?

A: Weather conditions can significantly affect the duration of sewer line repairs. Heavy rain can make excavation more challenging and might lead to work stoppages due to safety concerns. Cold weather can freeze the ground, making it harder to dig. Ideally, repairs are scheduled during dry and moderate temperature conditions to ensure the fastest and safest completion.

Q: Does the depth of the pipe affect the repair time?

A: Yes, the depth of the pipe can influence the repair time. Deeper pipes require more extensive excavation, which can add several hours or even days to the project, especially in traditional repair methods. With trenchless methods, the depth might affect the technique chosen but might not significantly alter the repair time.

Q: How quickly can emergency repairs be initiated?

A: Emergency repairs are typically initiated within the same day *as schedule allows. However, the start time can vary based on the availability of repair crews, the severity of the issue, and the accessibility of the affected area. It’s always recommended to contact a professional immediately upon noticing a severe sewer problem to minimize damage and health risks.

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