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Is it worth getting a boiler serviced

Boiler servicing is sadly easily overlooked and never really considered by most homeowners, at least not until something goes seriously wrong. It is important to have annual boiler service to detect minor issues before they become big problems. It is absolutely worth getting a boiler serviced and, in this article, you’ll find several reasons why getting your boiler serviced is necessary.

Keep you and your family safe with annual boiler servicing

Getting your boiler serviced regularly will ensure it’s running efficiently and also help to keep it running safely. A faulty boiler can be incredibly dangerous, the worst-case being carbon monoxide poisoning.

During a boiler service, a professional engineer will check for leaks and issues, giving you peace of mind when it comes to keeping your family safe.

Pick up on issues before they escalate

When an appliance is left unattended for a long period of time, a small minor issue can soon grow to become a big one, causing inconvenience in your home by not having a functional boiler and also having to schedule servicing or repair work. By ensuring your boiler is running properly, you can save money on future repairs.

Save money on your energy bills

Yes, servicing a boiler is an expense, but it will save you from future expenses and large energy bills should your boiler malfunction and draw out too much electricity. The professional will ensure the boiler is working efficiently, which will save you money over time as a more efficient boiler costs less to run. The age of your boiler can also determine its efficiency.

When to service your boiler

Here’s a checklist for you to see if you need to book your boiler service. If you’re saying “yes” to a few or most of these on the list, then it’s definitely time to consider getting a boiler service done.

– The flame in the boiler is irregular
– The boiler flame is yellow
– High-limit thermostat
– The boiler overheats or refills regularly
– The water pressure drops
– Flue effectiveness
– It’s been a year or more since the last service

How long does a basic boiler service or inspection take?

It only takes around 20 minutes! It’s not that long, and definitely worth the time, rather than waiting for longer time periods when your boiler is being repaired from damage.

What’s involved in a boiler service

The engineer will have a checklist of his own when inspecting the boiler for service. Here’s what that checklist looks like.

– Flame sense device and whether it operates correctly
– Pilot burner and any cables and probes
– High-limit thermostat
– Boiler operation
– Provision of adequate ventilation
– Flue effectiveness
– Heating controls
– Electrical wiring connections
– Location of the boiler and nearby combustible materials
– Gas and pressure flow
– Safety devices
– Seals

When is the best time to service my boiler?

Different boiler companies have different warranties and service periods so you would actually be required to complete a regular service to make sure your boiler is safe and working just fine. Servicing a boiler annually is most recommended.

Summer is the best time to book your boiler service. Since it’s hotter, you would be missing out on using your boiler and you’d be getting it ready for use in the winter, during the cold months. Another pro to this is that most service engineers would be free during these months so it would be easy for you to book a service without any wait times, delays, or cancellations.

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