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How to Not Fix Your Air Conditioning: New Girl Edition

As summer grows closer, more and more people are going to experience the unpleasant reality of needing air conditioner repair. Air conditioner repair is not a fun necessity, but it’s one that’s all too common, especially during the summer months when air conditioners might be left on for long periods of time. Whether the fan gets overheated, the system runs out of Freon, or it’s simply a filter that needs replacement, air conditioner failure is not something to be taken lightly. With record high temperatures over the past few years, Salt Lake City is not a place to toy around with your air conditioner repair. We cannot trust the cold mountain air to keep us cool during the hot summer months. Because of this, many people have been looking into fixing their air conditioners themselves. Homeowners are often wary of asking for expert help, remembering the last bill they paid for a repair that bore insufficient results. Luckily, there is a simple fix to the problem of air conditioner repair in Salt Lake City. But before we get to that, let’s discuss what not to do. As usual with this question, we will turn to the cinematic world for examples of what not to do.

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Do not fill up a bathtub with ice cubes and stick it in your living room to survive with no air conditioner.

The situation can only resolve itself in destroyed floorboards and a miserable mess to clean up. Although it might be tempting to slip on your bathing suit in your loft and collapse under the cool list of an ice cube bath, it’s not worth it for that temporary enjoyment when the real problem still persists.

Do not hook up a million fans and have them all blowing in your general direction.

Air conditioner repair usually doesn’t have anything to do with your electricity, and we want to keep it that way. If you hook up an excessive amount of fans, there’s a possibility that you will overload your electrical system and cause a power outage that takes even this small relief away from you. Although it can be incredibly tempting to go buy industrial-sized fans and aim them all at your face, this is not the solution.

Do not, for any reason, cut a hole in the wall and put a plastic soda bottle where plumbing should be.

Although this doesn’t explicitly have to do with the air conditioner, it must be said, as a certain character on a certain show has most definitely done that and led many watchers to unrealistic expectations about what they can fix as a homeowner. Fixing your toilet with a plastic bottle in the plumbing is not a viable option.

Instead of following these inadvisable guidelines left by the loft-dwelling friends who make this show so engaging, try some actual, practical steps to see if your air conditioner repair is in your wheelhouse. And if it’s not, don’t hesitate to call a qualified professional like All Utah Plumbing, who will be able to repair your air conditioner in an efficient manner that is well worth the time and money.


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Check the filter.

Sometimes, if you haven’t changed out the air conditioner filter in a long time, it can cause malfunctioning in the system itself. It’s important to make sure that your air conditioner filters are changed regularly so that not only your air quality is acceptable, but your coolant system is able to function with ease. Additionally, it can also be a fire hazard to the air filter dirty in your system for long periods of time, so there are several incentives to get that replaced regularly. It’s usually a simple fix, so even the least repair-savvy homeowners should be able to handle that one.

Clear the clogged condensation drain.

Now I know this one sounds intense, but really it is not that bad. Your condensation drain keeps with little humidity Salt Lake City has out of your house, So it’s basically begging to be blocked up by mold or algae. Sometimes this can be fixed by homeowners simply by locating the end of the condensation drain, which is usually in a utility closet, and digging out the blockage with the screwdriver. Not exactly the most elegant of repair jobs, but one that gets the problem fixed.

Check the house for duct malfunctions.

Duct malfunctions are usually discoverable when one room is cooling and others are not. If some parts of your home are completely fine and others are sweltering summer nightmares, there’s a good chance there’s duct breakage along the way. If you have an unfinished room where the ductwork is exposed, you can find that break pretty easily. However, if your walls are finished and everything’s hidden behind a comforting coat of plaster, a professional is probably the safest bet. Unless you want to live like the inhabitants of Loft 4D and have pieces of the wall that come apart to show haphazard repair solutions at any given moment, a repair service is the right choice for you.

Clear the area around the compressor.

Your air compressor is located outside and sucks air in to be filtered through your system and dispensed into your home. If there are leaves or another source of debris blocking your compressor, your air conditioning will not be able to function properly. This is a pretty simple fix: just find your air compressor and rake away any leaves. Especially if lawn maintenance was not a priority through the winter months, there could be debris that’s been there for a while. It’s not going to be beneficial for your system to leave it there for long.

Turn it off and on again.

I know, I know, you’re smarter than that. But none of us really are. Far too often, the problem with an air conditioner that needs repair is simply that the heat is on. Or the fan has been turned off. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just don’t tear a hole in your wall trying to fix the problem when really all you need to do is push a button. And, on a more serious note, if you leave your air conditioning on all the time instead of converting it to auto or turning it off when you’re not around, the fan might overexert itself and run the system down to the point of needing real, complex repair. So making sure that you turn your air conditioner off when you need to and turn it on when you need to is actually a pretty important part of home maintenance.

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Any one of these problems can quickly become complicated enough to need an air conditioner repair service. Finding a professional air conditioner repair service in Salt Lake City may seem daunting, but when you have someone like All Utah Plumbing who has exemplary service, standing in the community, and guaranteed results, the problem doesn’t seem as difficult, after all. So if you’re tired of considering sticking your head in the freezer as a viable option to get through the day, contact All Utah Plumbing for a quick solution and a cool summer.