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Four Funny Plumbing Fails from the Reddit Void

What’s one of our favorite pastimes as a professional plumbing company? Reminding ourselves why our job is valuable. Here at All Utah Plumbing, we know that our white glove service in air conditioner and plumbing repair brings safety and satisfaction to customers across the Utah counties in which we operate. We take pride in our expertise and success, especially when it comes to complicated jobs that need an experienced plumber’s eye.

Since Ancient Rome, plumbing has been a part of civilization, improved health and living conditions, and comfort in the home. As time moved on, we’ve found better ways to use materials and practices to increase plumbing efficiency and benefit homeowners. Today, plumbing is a seamless part of every kitchen, bathroom, and sprinkler system – until it isn’t.

We all know the funny plumbing stories. We love the funny plumbing stories. And we’re actually having a contest on our social media to gather and celebrate YOUR funny plumbing stories, and we’re rewarding the funniest with prizes. So, to give you some inspiration, here are some of the funniest plumbing stories we could find on one of the most entertaining internet platforms out there: Reddit.

These are all curated from the thread r/plumbingfails. We’re linking all the original posts to give credit to the original creators, but if you have a question or request concerning credit, please give us a shout. Along with the original posts, we’ll explain some of the humor behind each post and why a professional plumber would be able to improve the situation. I know, I know – explaining a joke makes it less funny. But explaining THESE jokes will hopefully help you avoid these particular situations in your own home. And, if you end up with a pipe spewing water or a toilet that flushes into your sink, you’ll know what to do. If you’re in the Utah area, a good plan of action is probably: Call All Utah Plumbing.


Shark Attack


SharkBite is a plumbing materials company that produces pipes and other materials for installation and repair. Most of the red and blue pipes you see in this photo are SharkBite or similar. While SharkBite is a popular brand and many people are familiar with it, it’s generally considered to be best in short-term situations, not as a long-term solution. The durability of the products can sometimes be brought into question, and they’re not intended to be permanent. This contraption on the floor clearly had been patched up a few too many times with products that are meant to be temporary, so there were most likely lots of leaks or potential problems within the house’s plumbing system. 

When your pipes wear out or need repair, turning to a quick but impermanent fix will cause you more problems in the long run. It’s like buying your partner flowers when what you really need to do is sit down and have a long talk. For plumbing, the long talk should come in the form of a professional plumber visiting your home for plumbing maintenance. Plumbing maintenance allows you to take stock of all the issues that might be present in your home’s pipes and provides a blueprint for permanent repairs that will protect you from needing SharkBites.

Buckets of Fun


What’s better than a bucket?

Well, actually a lot of things.

While a bucket full of water suspended over overhead wires CAN be a good thing if you don’t think about it too much, More likely you’re setting yourself up for a massive disaster. Regardless, the fix is not permanent.

Most of these plumbing problems, as you are probably coming to realize, have to do with temporary fixes instead of permanent solutions. This is because, when faced with a leaking pipe or a damaged system, it can feel overwhelming to look for a responsible plumber who will be able to fix the problem absolutely. It can feel as if you’re going to have to find somebody who is incredibly expensive and will cost you more than you can afford to fix the leaking pipe. It’s better just to use a bucket. Dumping the water everyday seems like a preferable solution. Hopefully all the wires are properly insulated.

That’s actually a large part of what All Utah Plumbing wants to do. When we work with clients, we are providing quality services that are deliberate, professional, and satisfactory. You know that whenever you call a plumber from All Utah Plumbing, you are going to get personalized care that will completely resolve your problem. There are no uncertainties when you call our plumbers. Just like you can be pretty certain that the bucket solution isn’t going to last forever.

Sneaky Pipe

u/TxPoonTappah – Trust me, no one will notice…

So this one probably isn’t your fault. If you have a pipe in a ridiculous place like this one, it can actually cause a lot of problems. For one, if you’re out in the alley in the middle of the night and you happen to forget your flashlight, you could trip over the pipe and cause a whole lot of problems that way. But more importantly, having a pipe exposed like this in a vulnerable position leaves it ripe for weather damage, external damage, and just general mishaps that could cost you a lot and potentially pollute your water supply. But this isn’t your fault. Whoever planned your house did not do a great job if you have a pipe sticking out like this. To fix this problem, you have a couple options.

  • You could move. If you’re someone who likes avoidance, this might be the best one.
  • You could build a tiny little house to go over the exposed pipe. While cute, this might not necessarily be practical.
  • Or, you could call a professional plumbing service to rework your plumbing and set the pipes back somewhere they belong. All Utah Plumbing is able to provide this service for Utah homes. Just because the person who lived there before you made poor construction decisions doesn’t mean you have to live with them.

Can We Fix It?

The title of this picture was “Plumbers!!!! Help!!!!” to which one user replied, “Your options are dynamite or a sawzall. Stop the bleeding. Remodel.”

Unfortunately, sometimes that’s the way it is in life. You can’t really fix the problems. You just have to start over. For a major issue like this one, where pipes aren’t where they’re supposed to be at all and you’re facing a lot of wear and tear because of inefficient plumbing, it’s probably better just to start all over and recreate a better plumbing system.

More often than not, when something like this occurs in a home, it’s due to a homeowner trying to implement a new feature without taking into account the plumbing. This tub probably wasn’t originally there, but when someone decided they wanted one, they chose an innovative approach.

While innovation can be great, it can also lead to disaster when it ignores the tradition and experience a professional plumber would have brought to a project like this. So, if you’re looking to expand your bathroom amenities and improve your home, calling a plumber would be the best first move. Calling All Utah Plumbing will help you realize the best way to achieve that dream so that down the line, you won’t end up on a Reddit chain about plumbing fails. And I think, overall, that’s what we all want to avoid.