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If You Live in an Older Home, it May Be Time to Repipe Your House.

That is because a house that is older than 50 years that has not had its pipes replaced is likely in need of having it done quite soon. Without such work, pipes can deteriorate– and cause unexpected, inconvenient, and costly issues.

How Long Does it Take to Repipe a Whole House?

Repiping a house proactively is a good way to head off problems. Fortunately, it does not have to be a hassle when it comes time to repipe. While the process can mean a few alterations to one’s schedule, this is a fairly short-lived adventure.

Total Time to Repipe Your Home

The length of time it takes to complete the project varies depending on the size of your home and the type of piping system that is already in place. Typically, the job takes a plumbing expert two to seven days to complete. Then, you and your family have peace of mind knowing that your home’s pipes are in good condition.

How Do I Repipe My House?

Most homeowners have asked “When do I repipe my house?” or “When do I need to get new piping?”. When to repipe a house seems to be the million-dollar question that the information here will attempt to answer for you. There are many signs that indicate your house needs repiping.

When Do You Repipe a House?

Older homes built prior to the 1970s may have outdated galvanized steel pipes, which tend to rust easily. The corrosion from rusty pipes can get into the drinking water and turn it a rusty color making it unsafe to drink.

Replacing Leaking and Noisy Pipes

Leaking and noisy pipes may need replacing. In some cases, you may be able to fix them, but if that continues, consider getting the house repiped. Low water pressure is another common sign pipes need to be replaced.

New Pipes are More Durable

New pipes are more durable and they can lower your utility bills. You may have to spend a little more to repipe the house, but the cost will pay for itself.

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You May Need a Repipe If You Are You Experiencing:

  • Low Water Pressure
  • Rust-Colored Water
  • Pipe Leaks

Getting Scalded in the Shower When Someone Flushes?

All Utah Plumbing, Heating & Air offers repiping and pipe repair services for homes all along the Wasatch Front including Salt Lake, Summit, Wasatch, and Utah Counties.

Plumbing issues are like a progressive disease, they get worse with time. The only real solution is to find them early and eradicate them before they cause serious damage.

All Utah Plumbing, Heating & Air offers quality PEX and copper repipes. We will solve your plumbing problems permanently!

If your home was built over 20 years ago, you could have damaged, corroded or leaky pipes causing you costly problems. Galvanized metal or low-quality copper pipes deteriorate quickly and polybutylene pipes (referred to by plumbers as “ticking time bombs”) could fail and cost you thousands in water damage. We recommend having a certified professional, like All Utah Plumbing, check your pipes every five to ten years to prevent damage.

Replacing older piping is a large task that needs to be left to professionals. Whether you need a small amount of repiping done to replace a few bad pipes, or you need to have a whole-house repiped, you can trust All Utah Plumbing, Heating & Air. We will do our best to make the work go fast and interfere as little as possible with your daily routine.

If you’re afraid that a repiping job means that plumbers will tear out your drywall and floorboards, turning your home into a demolition zone, you don’t need to worry. Repiping is a large job, but our skilled plumbers handle it to minimize the stress and mess.

Repipers start by covering floors and furniture to protect them from water damage and dust during the work. They then locate the pipes in your walls with small cuts into the drywall of the walls and ceilings. They will only remove as much building material as necessary to reach, detach, and remove the old pipe and replace it with new copper, PEX, or CPVC piping. To access pipes in the floor, plumbers will, whenever possible, go in through the ceiling below it. If you wish, you can arrange to have additional pipes put in at this time if you need to expand your water service for a remodel.

Once the pipes have been replaced, our plumbers will restore the surgical cuts made into the walls and ceiling as well as patch and re-texture them to leave no sign behind that they were ever there.

Your home can benefit significantly from repiping. If you have old pipes, you need to do something about them. Our licensed and certified plumbers will be able to make short work of the project and provide you with a warranty on the materials and the labor.


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Plumbing Repair and Installation in Utah

When it comes to plumbing repair and installation in Salt Lake City, UT, our experienced plumbers are on-call twenty-four hours per day to respond to your needs. We know that leaks and burst pipes can cause expensive damage to your home. Doing DIY repairs may cause more damage, especially if you’re dealing with an entire re-piping task.

Our West Jordan and West Valley City plumbers are trained and licensed to give you a full spectrum of plumbing services. Be it fixing leaks or changing all your pipes, we can take on any project. You don’t have to worry because our plumbers will conduct the job in the least intrusive way possible.

Plumbing Services in Salt Lake County, Utah

Our plumbing repairs and installation in Salt Lake County, UT is guaranteed to be available 24/7. We can repipe regardless of the time, especially if it’s an emergency situation. Repiping is a massive plumbing job and it’s best to let the pros do the work for you.

This way, you can save money, experience quick repairs, and dodge any possible risks of DIY efforts. Also, don’t wait for your pipes to burst. Don’t let the problem brew on your home when you can apply a proactive approach to prevent the mess from happening.

Why choose us?

Here at All Utah Plumbing, Heating & Air, we care for your home. Your safety is our number one priority as well as ensuring that your plumbing system is in tip-top shape. Repiping is a demanding task, but we have all the tools and skills to get it done right the first time.

Our plumbing repair in Utah is trusted all over the state. Our long list of happy clients can attest to our dedication to customer satisfaction.

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